hub-remote(1) hub manual hub-remote(1)

hub-remote - Add a git remote for a GitHub repository.

hub remote add [-p] [OPTIONS] USER[/REPOSITORY]
hub remote set-url [-p] [OPTIONS] NAME USER[/REPOSITORY]

(Deprecated) Use the ssh: protocol instead of git: for the remote URL. The writeable ssh: protocol is automatically used for own repos, GitHub Enterprise remotes, and private or pushable repositories.


If USER is "origin", that value will be substituted for your GitHub username. REPOSITORY defaults to the name of the current working directory.

$ hub remote add jingweno
> git remote add jingweno git://
$ hub remote add origin
> git remote add origin

hub-fork(1), hub(1), git-remote(1)
17 Apr 2021 hub version 2.14.2