hub-gist(1) hub manual hub-gist(1)

hub-gist - Create and print GitHub Gists

hub gist create [-oc] [--public] [FILES...]
hub gist show ID [FILENAME]

Create a new gist. If no FILES are specified, the content is read from standard input.


Print the contents of a gist. If the gist contains multiple files, the operation will error out unless FILENAME is specified.

Make the new gist public (default: false).

-o, --browse

Open the new gist in a web browser.

-c, --copy

Put the URL of the new gist to clipboard instead of printing it.

$ echo hello | hub gist create --public
$ hub gist create file1.txt file2.txt
# print a specific file within a gist:
$ hub gist show ID testfile1.txt

hub(1), hub-api(1)
17 Apr 2021 hub version 2.14.2