hub-create(1) hub manual hub-create(1)

hub-create - Create a new repository on GitHub and add a git remote for it.

hub create [-poc] [-d DESCRIPTION] [-h HOMEPAGE] [[ORGANIZATION/]NAME]

-p, --private
Create a private repository.

-d, --description DESCRIPTION

A short description of the GitHub repository.

-h, --homepage HOMEPAGE

A URL with more information about the repository. Use this, for example, if your project has an external website.

--remote-name REMOTE

Set the name for the new git remote (default: "origin").

-o, --browse

Open the new repository in a web browser.

-c, --copy

Put the URL of the new repository to clipboard instead of printing it.


The name for the repository on GitHub (default: name of the current working directory).

Optionally, create the repository within ORGANIZATION.

$ hub create
[ repo created on GitHub ]
> git remote add -f origin
$ hub create sinatra/recipes
[ repo created in GitHub organization ]
> git remote add -f origin

hub-init(1), hub(1)
17 Apr 2021 hub version 2.14.2