hxprintlinks - add a numbered list of links at the end of an HTML file

hxprintlinks [ -b base ] file-or-URL

hxprintlinks adds a numbered list of all URLs (links) found in the file to the end of the HTML file.

The following options are supported:

Make the URLs in the list absolute, using base as the base URL.

The following operand is supported:

The file to work on. If the argument is absent, or if it is - (a single dash), the document is read from the standard input.


The option -b is probably of limited use. It makes the links in the generated list absolute, but doesn't change the other links. For a more flexible solution, use hxcopy(1) on the output of hxprintlinks. E.g., instead of

hxprintlinks -b http://example.org/base/ myfile.html


hxprintlinks myfile.html | hxcopy -i http://example.org/base -o .

10 Jul 2011 7.x