hid-recorder - HID input device recorder

hid-recorder [--output=output_file] [/dev/hidrawX] [[/dev/hidrawX] [...]]

Write the output to the given file. When omitted, hid-recorder prints to stdout.

hid-recorder captures report descriptors and hid reports (events) through the hidraw kernel module and prints them in a standardized format (see below) to debug and replay HID devices.

When invoked without arguments, hid-recorder shows a list of available devices.

hid-recorder needs to be able to read from the hidraw device; usually this means it must be run as root.

The output of hid-recorder has the following syntax:

# comment lines are ignored when parsing
D: the device index, only used when recording multiple devices
R: The report descriptor length in bytes, followed by the report descriptor bytes in hexadecimal
N: the name of the device
P: physical path
I: bus vendor_id product_id
E: timestamp size report in hexadecimal

hid-recorder returns 1 on error.


Copyright 2012-2018, Benjamin Tissoires.

Copyright 2018, Red Hat, Inc.

Benjamin Tissoires <benjamin.tissoires@redhat.com>