hid-decode - HID input device report descriptor decoder

hid-decode report-descriptor.bin

hid-decode /dev/hidraw0

hid-decode /dev/input/event0

hid-decode hid-recording

hid-decode decodes one or more HID report descriptors into into human-readable format. It supports a variety of inputs:

a binary format as exported in sysfs, e.g. /sys/class/input/event0/device/device/report_descriptor
the format exported by hid-recorder(1)
a /dev/hidraw node
a /dev/input/event node

The format is deduced based on the input arguments. Undetected formats are assumed to be binary files.

Accessing a /dev/hidraw/ node usually requires root permissions.

hid-decode returns 1 on error.


Copyright 2018, Red Hat, Inc.

Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer@redhat.com>