DLB(6) Games Manual DLB(6)

dlb - NetHack data librarian

dlb { xct } [ vfIC ] arguments... [ files... ]

Dlb is a file archiving tool in the spirit (and tradition) of tar for NetHack version 3.1 and higher. It is used to maintain the archive files from which NetHack reads special level files and other read-only information. Note that like tar the command and option specifiers are specified as a continuous string and are followed by any arguments required in the same order as the option specifiers.

This facility is optional and may be excluded during NetHack configuration.

The x command causes dlb to extract the contents of the archive into the current directory.

The c command causes dlb to create a new archive from files in the current directory.

The t command lists the files in the archive.

v verbose output

f archive specify the archive. Default if f not specified is LIBFILE (usually the nhdat file in the playground).

I lfile specify the file containing the list of files to put in to or extract from the archive if no files are listed on the command line. Default for archive creation if no files are listed is LIBLISTFILE.

C dir change directory. Changes directory before trying to read any files (including the archive and the lfile).

Create the default archive from the default file list:
dlb c

List the contents of the archive 'foo':
dlb tf foo

Kenneth Lorber

nethack(6), tar(1)

Not a good tar emulation; - does not mean stdin or stdout. Should include an optional compression facility. Not all read-only files for NetHack can be read out of an archive; examining the source is the only way to know which files can be.

28 Oct 1993 4th Berkeley Distribution