glab(1) glab(1)

glab-variable-set - Create a new project or group variable

glab variable set [flags]

Create a new project or group variable

-g, --group="" Set variable for a group

-m, --masked[=false] Whether the variable is masked

-p, --protected[=false] Whether the variable is protected

-s, --scope="" The environment_scope of the variable. All (), or specific environments

-t, --type="env_var" The type of a variable: {env_var|file}

-v, --value="" The value of a variable

--help[=false] Show help for command

-R, --repo="" Select another repository using the OWNER/REPO or GROUP/NAMESPACE/REPO format or full URL or git URL

glab variable set WITH_ARG "some value"
glab variable set FROM_FLAG -v "some value"
glab variable set FROM_ENV_WITH_ARG "${ENV_VAR}"
glab variable set FROM_ENV_WITH_FLAG -v"${ENV_VAR}"
glab variable set FROM_FILE < secret.txt
cat file.txt | glab variable set SERVER_TOKEN
cat token.txt | glab variable set GROUP_TOKEN -g mygroup --scope=prod


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