git-annex-registerurl(1) General Commands Manual git-annex-registerurl(1)

git-annex-registerurl - registers an url for a key

git annex registerurl [key url]

This plumbing-level command can be used to register urls where a key can be downloaded from.

No verification is performed of the url's contents.

Normally the key is a git-annex formatted key. However, to make it easier to use this to add urls, if the key cannot be parsed as a key, and is a valid url, an URL key is constructed from the url.

In batch input mode, lines are read from stdin, and each line should contain a key and url, separated by a single space.
For backwards compatability with old git-annex before this option was added, when no key and url pair are specified on the command line, batch input is used, the same as if the --batch option were specified. It is however recommended to use --batch.
When in batch mode, the input is delimited by nulls instead of the usual newlines.
(Note that for this to be used, you have to explicitly enable batch mode with --batch)




Joey Hess <>