GeoIP.conf(5) GeoIP.conf(5)

GeoIP.conf - Configuration file for geoipupdate

This file allows you to configure your geoipupdate program to download GeoIP2, GeoLite2, and GeoIP Legacy databases.

The file consists of one setting per line. Lines starting with # are comments and will not be processed. All setting keywords are case sensitive.

Your MaxMind account ID. This was formerly known as UserId.
Your case-sensitive MaxMind license key.
List of space-separated database edition IDs. Edition IDs may consist of letters, digits, and dashes. For example, GeoIP2-City 106 would download the GeoIP2 City database (GeoIP2-City) and the GeoIP Legacy Country database (106). Note: this was formerly called ProductIds.

The directory to store the database files. If not set, the default is /var/lib/GeoIP. This can be overridden at run time by the -d command line argument.
The host name of the server to use. The default is
The proxy host name or IP address. You may optionally specify a port number, e.g., If no port number is specified, 1080 will be used.
The proxy user name and password, separated by a colon. For instance, username:password.
Whether to preserve modification times of files downloaded from the server. This option is either 0 or 1. The default is 0.
The lock file to use. This ensures only one geoipupdate process can run at a time. Note: Once created, this lockfile is not removed from the filesystem. The default is .geoipupdate.lock under the DatabaseDirectory.
The amount of time to retry for when errors during HTTP transactions are encountered. It can be specified as a (possibly fractional) decimal number followed by a unit suffix. Valid time units are ns, us (or µs), ms, s, m, h. The default is 5m (5 minutes).

The following are deprecated and will be ignored if present: