Geo::GDAL(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Geo::GDAL(3)

Geo::GDAL - Perl extension for the GDAL library for geospatial data

use Geo::GDAL;
my $raster_file = shift @ARGV;
my $raster_dataset = Geo::GDAL::Open($file);
my $raster_data = $dataset->GetRasterBand(1)->ReadTile;
my $vector_datasource = Geo::OGR::Open('./');
my $vector_layer = $datasource->Layer('borders'); # e.g. a shapefile borders.shp in current directory
while (my $feature = $vector_layer->GetNextFeature()) {
    my $geometry = $feature->GetGeometry();
    my $value = $feature->GetField($field);

This Perl module lets you to manage (read, analyse, write) geospatial data stored in several formats.


None by default.

The GDAL home page is

The documentation of this module is written in Doxygen format. See

Ari Jolma

Copyright (C) 2005- by Ari Jolma and GDAL bindings developers.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of MIT License

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