wlfreerdp(1) FreeRDP wlfreerdp(1)

wlfreerdp - FreeRDP wayland client

wlfreerdp [file] [default_client_options] [/v:<server>[:port]] [/version] [/help]

wlfreerdp is a wayland Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client which is part of the FreeRDP project. A RDP server is built-in to many editions of Windows. Alternative servers included xrdp and VRDP (VirtualBox).

The wayland client also supports a lot of the default client options which are not described here. For details on those see the xfreerdp(1) man page.

The server hostname or IP, and optionally the port, to connect to.
Print the version and exit.
Print the help and exit.

Successful program execution.
On failure.

xfreerdp(1) wlog(7)

FreeRDP <team@freerdp.com>

2017-01-12 2.8.0