winpr-hash(1) FreeRDP winpr-hash(1)

winpr-hash - NTLM hashing tool

winpr-hash -u username -p password [-d domain] [-f { default | sam }] [-v { 1 | 2 }]

winpr-hash is a small utility that can be used to create a NTLM hash from a username and password pair. The created hash can be outputed as plain hash or in SAM format.

The username to use.
Password to use.
A optional parameter to specify the domain of the user.
Specify the output format. The default outputs only the plain NTLM hash. The second output format available is sam which outputs the created hash in a format that it can be used in SAM file:


Version allows it to specify the NTLM version to use. The default is to use version 1. In case version 2 is used a domain needs to be specified.

winpr-hash -u user -p password -d domain -f sam -v 2

Create a version 2 NTLM hash for user with domain and password and output it in sam format.

Successful program execution.
Missing or invalid arguments.

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2017-01-11 2.8.0