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containers-storage set-names - Set names for a layer/image/container

containers-storage set-names [-n name [...]] layerOrImageOrContainerNameOrID

In addition to IDs, layers, images, and containers can have human-readable names assigned to them in containers-storage. The set-names command can be used to reset the list of names for any of them.

-n | --name name

Specifies a name to set on the layer, image, or container. If a specified name is already used by another layer, image, or container, it is removed from that other layer, image, or container. Any names which are currently assigned to this layer, image, or container, and which are not specified using this option, will be removed from the layer, image, or container.

containers-storage set-names -n my-one-and-only-name f3be6c6134d0d980936b4c894f1613b69a62b79588fdeda744d0be3693bde8ec

containers-storage-add-names(1) containers-storage-get-names(1)