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containers-storage create-layer - Create a layer

containers-storage create-layer [options [...]] [parentLayerNameOrID]

Creates a new layer which either has a specified layer as its parent, or if no parent is specified, is empty.

-n name

Sets an optional name for the layer. If a name is already in use, an error is returned.

-i | --id ID

Sets the ID for the layer. If none is specified, one is generated.

-m | --metadata metadata-value

Sets the metadata for the layer to the specified value.

-f | --metadata-file metadata-file

Sets the metadata for the layer to the contents of the specified file.

-l | --label mount-label

Sets the label which should be assigned as an SELinux context when mounting the layer.

containers-storage create-layer -f manifest.json -n new-layer somelayer

containers-storage-create-container(1) containers-storage-create-image(1) containers-storage-delete-layer(1)