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containers-storage add-names - Add names to a layer/image/container

containers-storage add-names [options [...]] layerOrImageOrContainerNameOrID

In addition to IDs, layers, images, and containers can have human-readable names assigned to them in containers-storage. The add-names command can be used to add one or more names to them.

-n | --name name

Specifies a name to add to the layer, image, or container. If a specified name is already used by another layer, image, or container, it is removed from that other layer, image, or container.

containers-storage add-names -n my-awesome-container -n my-for-realsies-awesome-container f3be6c6134d0d980936b4c894f1613b69a62b79588fdeda744d0be3693bde8ec

containers-storage-get-names(1) containers-storage-set-names(1)