Valentin Rothberg Mar 2020

containers-registries.conf.d - directory for drop-in registries.conf files

CONTAINERS-REGISTRIES.CONF.D is a system-wide directory for drop-in configuration files in the containers-registries.conf(5) format.

By default, the directory is located at /etc/containers/registries.conf.d.

Once the main configuration at /etc/containers/registries.conf is loaded, the files in /etc/containers/registries.conf.d are loaded in alpha-numerical order. Then the conf files in $HOME/.config/containers/registries.conf.d are loaded in alpha-numerical order, if they exist. If the $HOME/.config/containers/registries.conf is loaded, only the conf files under $HOME/.config/containers/registries.conf.d are loaded in alpha-numerical order. Specified fields in a conf file will overwrite any previous setting. Note that only files with the .conf suffix are loaded, other files and sub-directories are ignored.

For instance, setting the unqualified-search-registries in /etc/containers/registries.conf.d/myregistries.conf will overwrite previous settings in /etc/containers/registries.conf. The [[registry]] tables merged by overwriting existing items if the prefixes are identical while new ones are added.

All drop-in configuration files must be specified in the version 2 of the containers-registries.conf(5) format.


Mar 2020, Originally compiled by Valentin Rothberg ⟨⟩