BATDIFF(1) General Commands Manual BATDIFF(1)

batdiff - Diff a file against the current git index, or display the diff between two files.

This script supports using delta as an alternative highlighter for diffs.

batdiff [OPTIONS] FILE

Short Long Description
-C --context=[LINES] The number of lines to show before and after the differing lines.
--delta Display diffs using delta.
--color Force color output.
--no-color Force disable color output.
--paging=["never"/"always"] Enable/disable paging.
--pager=[PAGER] Specify the pager to use.
--terminal-width=[COLS] Generate output for the specified terminal width.

When using bat as the printer:

- Syntax highlighting in diffs between two files is not supported.
- Syntax highlighting in a single-file diff requires bat >= 0.15.

When using delta as the printer:

- The --no-color option does not remove all color output.