arch-audit(1) General Commands Manual arch-audit(1)

arch-audit - A utility like pkg-audit for Arch Linux.

arch-audit [OPTION]...

A utility like pkg-audit for Arch Linux.
Based on data from collected by the awesome Arch Security Team.

-q, --quiet

Show only vulnerable package names and their versions. Set twice to hide the versions as well

-r, --recursive

Prints packages that depend on vulnerable packages and are thus potentially vulnerable as well.
Set twice to show ALL the packages that requires them

-t, --show-testing

-u, --upgradable

Show only packages that have already been fixed

-c, --show-cve

Print the CVE numbers

-C, --color [WHEN]

Colorize the output; WHEN can be 'auto' (default if omitted), 'always', or 'never'

-b, --dbpath [DBPATH]

Set an alternate database location. By default, arch-audit uses /var/lib/pacman

-f, --format [FORMAT]

Specify a format to control the output. Placeholders are:

%n pkgname

%c CVEs

%v fixed version

%t type

%s severity

%r required by (only when -r is also used)


Print results as json object.

--proxy [PROXY]

Send requests through a proxy. The format looks like 'socks5://'.


Do not use a proxy even if one is configured

--source [SOURCE]

Specify the URL or file path to the security tracker json data. By default, arch-audit uses

--sort [SORT]...

Specify how to sort the output. By default, arch-audit uses 'severity,pkgname'
Possible values are: severity, pkgname, upgradable, reverse

-V, --version

Prints version information

-h, --help

Prints help information

Bugs can be reported on the bug tracker

Andrea Scarpino <>