apksigcopier(1) General Commands Manual apksigcopier(1)

apksigcopier - copy/extract/patch android apk signatures & compare apks

apksigcopier copy [options] signed_apk unsigned_apk output_apk

apksigcopier extract [options] signed_apk output_dir

apksigcopier patch [options] metadata_dir unsigned_apk output_apk

apksigcopier compare [options] first_apk second_apk

apksigcopier --version

apksigcopier --help

apksigcopier [command] --help

A command line tool for copying android APK signatures from a signed APK to an unsigned one (in order to verify reproducible builds). It can also be used to compare two APKs with different signatures.

Copy (extract & patch) signatures from signed to unsigned APK.

Extract APK signatures from signed APK.

Patch extracted APK signatures onto unsigned APK.

Compare two APKs by copying the signature from the first to a copy of the second and checking if the resulting APK verifies.

This command requires apksigner.

--v1-only [no|auto|yes]

Whether to expect only a v1 signature: no means a v2 signature is expected as well, auto means the presence of a v2 signature is detected automatically, and yes means a v2 signature is not expected (and ignored if it does exist). Default: no.

You can also set the environment variable APKSIGCOPIER_V1_ONLY instead.


Accept unsigned second_apk.

The following environment variables can be set to 1, yes, or true to override the default behaviour.

Exclude all metadata files, not just MANIFEST.MF.

Copy extra bytes after data (e.g. an existing v2 signature).

$ mkdir meta
$ apksigcopier extract signed.apk meta
$ ls -1 meta

$ apksigcopier patch meta unsigned.apk out.apk

$ apksigcopier copy signed.apk unsigned.apk out.apk

$ apksigcopier compare foo-from-fdroid.apk foo-built-locally.apk
$ apksigcopier compare foo.apk --unsigned foo-unsigned.apk


Copyright © 2021 Felix C. Stegerman. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Felix C. Stegerman <flx@obfusk.net>.

2021-07-08 v1.0.1