afpfsd(1) afpfs-ng afpfsd(1)

afpfsd - Daemon to manage AFP sessions for the afpfs-ng FUSE client.

afpfsd [-l|logmethod=method [f|--foreground [d|--debug

afpfsd is a daemon that manages AFP sessions. Functions (like mounting, getting status, etc) can be performed using the afp_client(1) tool. This client communicates with the daemon over a named pipe.

afpfsd will not start if another instance is already running. There needs to be one copy of afpfsd running per user.

-l|--logmethod sets the method used to log; values are stdout or syslog

-f|--foreground doesn't fork the daemon

-f|--debug puts the daemon in the foreground and dumps logs to stdout

afp_client(1), mount_afp(1)
1 Feb 2008 0.8