aerc-smtp(5) File Formats Manual aerc-smtp(5)

aerc-smtp - SMTP configuration for aerc(1)

aerc implements the SMTP protocol as specified by RFC 5321.

SMTP configuration may be done interactively with the :new-account command.

In accounts.conf (see aerc-config(5)), the following SMTP-specific options are available:



Remember that all fields must be URL encoded. The "@" symbol, when URL encoded, is %40.

The meaning of the scheme component is:


Unencrypted SMTP



Additionally, you can specify an authentication mechanism like so:


No authentication is required to use this SMTP server. You may omit the username and password in this case.


Authenticate with a username and password using AUTH PLAIN. This is the default behavior.


Authenticate with a username and password using AUTH LOGIN. This is an obsolete protocol, but is required for some common webmail providers.


SMTP with TLS/SSL using OAUTHBEARER Authentication. See documentation in aerc-imap(5) for usage.


Specifies the command to run to get the password for the SMTP account. This command will be run using `sh -c [command]`. If a password is specified in the outgoing option, the password will take precedence over this command.


pass hostname/username


Set this to `yes` if the server uses STARTTLS. In that case you should also use smtp instead of smtps.

aerc(1) aerc-config(5)

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