CALIBRE(1) calibre CALIBRE(1)

calibre - calibre
calibre [options] [path_to_ebook or calibre url ...]

Launch the main calibre Graphical User Interface and optionally add the e-book at path_to_ebook to the database. You can also specify calibre URLs to perform various different actions, than just adding books. For example:


Will open the book with id 1842 in the EPUB format from the library "test_library" in the calibre E-book viewer. Library names are the folder names of the libraries with spaces replaced by underscores. A full description of the various URL based actions is in the User Manual.

Whenever you pass arguments to calibre that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/some path/with spaces"

從控制終端中斷連線( 如果有 )( 僅限Linux )
--help, -h
忽略自訂的外掛,當您安裝了讓 calibre 無法啟動的外掛時會很有用
--shutdown-running-calibre, -s
原因是有執行中的 calibre 實體,如果有,應該將它關閉,注意如果有任何執行中的工作,它們會被直接中止,因此請小心使用。
--verbose, -v
Ignored, do not use. Present only for legacy reasons

Kovid Goyal

Kovid Goyal
2月 12, 2021 5.11.0