BANNER(1) General Commands Manual BANNER(1)

banner - print large letters

banner [-Chlv] [-c character] [-f font] [-w cols] [--help] [--use-letters] [--version] [--use-char=character] [--font=font] [--width=cols] [text...]

The banner program is used to print large letters of a given text. If the text is not given on the command line, it will be read from stdin.

This implementation of banner splits the text in multiple lines if it is too long to fit on a single line. Splitting is done on word-boundaries, if possible. To force a line break, include a newline characters in the text.

Note that contigous whitespace characters are folded to a single spaace.

Center each line of the message.
Print a usage message on standard output and exit successfully.
Use individual characters when drawing the letters, that is: Draw an `a' using a-characters, a `b' using b-characters, and so on.
Print version information on standard output then exit successfully.
Use the given character when drawing the letters. The default is an asterisk (`*').
Select font number cols for drawing characters. There are two available fonts: Number 1 is the default font. Number 2 is a smaller font.
Assume the screen is cols columns wide. The default is 75.

Sverre H. Huseby (

28 August 1996