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babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy - Babeltrace 2's dummy sink component class

A Babeltrace 2 sink.utils.dummy component consumes messages and discards them (does absolutely nothing with them).
            | sink.utils.dummy |
            |                  |
Messages -->@ in               |

See babeltrace2-intro(7) to learn more about the Babeltrace 2 project and its core concepts.

A sink.utils.dummy sink component can be useful to run a trace processing graph with no sink side effect, for example to perform benchmarks. Prefer a sink.utils.dummy component class for such tasks to, for example, a sink.text.pretty component and sending its output to /dev/null, as a sink.text.pretty component still performs formatting operations.

| sink.utils.dummy |
|                  |
@ in               |

Single input port.

If you encounter any issue or usability problem, please report it on the Babeltrace bug tracker (see

The Babeltrace project shares some communication channels with the LTTng project (see
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The Babeltrace 2 project is the result of hard work by many regular developers and occasional contributors.

The current project maintainer is Jérémie Galarneau <>.

This component class is part of the Babeltrace 2 project.

Babeltrace is distributed under the MIT license (see

babeltrace2-intro(7), babeltrace2-plugin-utils(7)
14 September 2019 Babeltrace 2.0.4