AUDISP-REMOTE(8) System Administration Utilities AUDISP-REMOTE(8)

audisp-remote - plugin for remote logging


audisp-remote is a plugin for the audit event dispatcher that performs remote logging to an aggregate logging server.

If you are aggregating multiple machines, you should edit auditd.conf to set the name_format to something meaningful and the log_format to enriched. This way you can tell where the event came from and have the user name and groups resolved locally before it is sent off of the machine.

Causes the audisp-remote program to write the value of some of its internal flags to syslog. The suspend flag tells whether or not logging has been suspended. The remote_ended flag tells if the connection was broken by the server saying it can't log events. The transport_ok flag tells whether or not the connection to the remote server is healthy. The queue_size tells how many records are enqueued to be sent to the remote server.
Causes the audisp-remote program to resume logging if it were suspended due to an error.

/etc/audit/audisp-remote.conf /etc/audit/plugins.d/au-remote.conf /etc/audit/auditd.conf

auditd.conf(8), auditd-plugins(5), audisp-remote.conf(5).

Steve Grubb

August 2018 Red Hat