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asp - Manage Arch Linux build sources

asp [options] command [targets...]

Manage the version-controlled sources for the build scripts used to create Arch Linux packages. This program provides a thin wrapper over the svntogit repositories hosted at It aims to provide a replacement for abs which favors a sparse checkout.

The following commands are understood:

checkout TARGET...

Create a new git repository containing the full source and history for each of the given targets. The new repository will pull from the repository in $ASPROOT and must be updated separately after using asp update. If a checkout occurs on the same filesystem as $ASPROOT, most of the metadata can be hard linked, making this a relatively cheap copy.

difflog TARGET

Show the full revision history of the target, with file diffs.


Report the approximate disk usage for locally tracked packages.

export TARGET...

Dump the build source files for each target into a directory of the target’s name in $PWD. Targets can be specified simply as package to check out the source files at HEAD, or in repository/package format to checkout the source files which were used to push the package which exists in repository.


Perform housekeeping procedures on the local repo, optimizing and compacting the repo to free disk space.


Display the command line usage and exit.


List all known packages in the repositories.

list-arches TARGET...

List the architectures the given targets are available for.


List all packages which are tracked locally.

list-repos TARGET...

List the repositories the given targets exist in.


Show the revision history of the target.

ls-files TARGET

List source files for the given target.

set-git-protocol PROTOCOL

Set the protocol used to communicate with the remote git repositories. Must be one of git, http, or https.

shortlog TARGET

Show a condensed revision history of the target.


Show the file content of the target, which may be in the format package or repository/package. If an additional file argument is provided, attempt to display that file rather than the PKGBUILD. If the repository is not specified, the file will be shown at the most recent revision (which may be newer than what is in the repositories).

untrack TARGET...

Remove a remote tracking branch from the local repository. Disk usage for the removed package(s) may not be freed until garbage collection has taken place.

update [TARGET...]

For each target, if the package is not known to the local repository, attempt to track it. If the package is tracked, update the package to the newest version. If no targets are provided, all locally known packages will be updated.

-a architecture

When relevant, specify an architecture other than that of the current host.


Print a short help text and exit.


Print a short version string and exit.


Determines where the metadata is stored for locally tracked packages. Defaults to ${XDG_CACHE_HOME:-$HOME/.cache}/asp.


Determines where cached data is stored. Defaults to $ASPROOT/cache. Data in this directory can always be safely deleted.

Dave Reisner <>

11/03/2021   asp v8