ares_set_servers_csv, ares_set_servers_ports_csv - Set list of DNS servers to be used.

#include <ares.h>
int ares_set_servers_csv(ares_channel channel, const char* servers)
int ares_set_servers_ports_csv(ares_channel channel, const char* servers)

The ares_set_servers_csv and ares_set_servers_ports_csvfunctions set the list of DNS servers that ARES will query. The format of the servers option is:


For example:,,

The ares_set_servers_csv function will ignore any port values specified in the input string, whereare the ares_set_servers_ports_csv function will apply any specified port values as the UDP and TCP port to be used for that particular nameserver.

ares_set_servers_csv(3) This function may return any of the following values:

The name servers configuration was successfully initialized.
The process's available memory was exhausted.
The channel data identified by channel was invalid.
c-ares library initialization not yet performed.
Changing name servers configuration while queries are outstanding is not implemented.


ares_set_servers_csv was added in c-ares 1.7.2; ares_set_servers_ports_csv was added in c-ares 1.11.0.

Ben Greear

30 June 2010