ALCC(1) aMule utilities ALCC(1)

alcc - text based eD2k links calculator for aMule

alcc [-p] [-v] <inputfiles_list>

alcc [-h]

Compute the eD2k links of all the input files given in the <inputfiles_list> (There can be one or more files).

[ -p, --parthashes ]
Compute and add part hashes to the computed eD2k links.
[ -h, --help ]
Prints a short usage description.
[ -v, --verbose ]
Be verbose - show also calculation steps.

Please report bugs either on our forum (, or in our bugtracker ( Please do not report bugs in e-mail, neither to our mailing list nor directly to any team member.

aMule and all of its related utilities are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

alc(1), amuled(1), amulecmd(1), amuleweb(1), cas(1), ed2k(1), wxcas(1), xas(1)

This manpage was written by Vollstrecker <>

September 2016 aMule eD2k links calculator