airgraph-ng(1) User Manual airgraph-ng(1)

airgraph-ng - a 802.11 visualization utility

airgraph-ng [options]

airgraph-ng graphs the CSV file generated by Airodump-ng. The idea is that we are showing the relationships of the clients to the AP's so don't be shocked if you see only one mapping as you may only have captured one client

Shows the help screen.
Airodump-ng CSV file
Output png file.
Choose the Graph Type. Current types are [CAPR (Client to AP Relationship) & CPG (Common probe graph)].
Print the about.

airgraph-ng -i dump-01.csv -o dump.png -g CAPR

airgraph-ng -i dump-01.csv -o dump.png -g CPG


May 2010 Linux