ADDR2NAME(1) User's Manual ADDR2NAME(1)

addr2name, name2addr - perform DNS lookups from scripts

addr2name [-46cmnr] [HOSTNAMES]

name2addr [-46cn] [HOSTNAMES]

Write addresses or canonical hostname of specified names to the standard output. If no names are specified via the command line, they are read from the standard input.

-4 or --ipv4
Only try to perform IPv4 lookups.
-6 or --ipv6
Only try to perform IPv6 lookups.
-c or --config
Only lookup and print results for address families that match locally configured addresses (If the system has no IPv4 resp IPv6 address, then IPv4 resp IPv6 addresses are ignored).
-h or --help
Display some help and exit.
-m or --multiple
Normally, if a name yields multiple results, only the first one is printed. With this optional parameter, all results will be printed on a single line, separated by spaces.
-n or --numeric
Prevent forward hostname lookup. This ensures that the input names are numeric addresses, which do not need to be looked up. Typically used along with the --reverse option to convert numerical addresses to canonical hostnames.
-r or --reverse
Perform a reverse DNS lookup (enabled implicitly with addr2name). addr2name prints numerical resolved addresses by default instead.
Display program version and license and exit.

host(1), getaddrinfo(3), getnameinfo(3), resolv.conf(5)

Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab dot net>

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