acpi_listen(8) System Manager's Manual acpi_listen(8)

acpi_listen - ACPI event listener

acpi_listen [options]

acpid is the system-wide ACPI event catcher. acpi_listen is a simple shell-friendly tool which connects to acpid and listens for events. When an event occurs, acpi_listen will print it on stdout.

Receive up to a maximum number of ACPI events, then exit.
This option changes the name of the UNIX domain socket which acpid opens. Default is /var/run/acpid.socket.
Listen for the specified time in seconds, before exiting.
Print version information and exit.
Show help and exit.


There are no known bugs. To file bug reports, see AUTHORS below.


Ted Felix (
Tim Hockin <>
Luca Capello <>

Nov 2003