Test2::EventFacet::About(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test2::EventFacet::About(3)

Test2::EventFacet::About - Facet with event details.

This facet has information about the event, such as event package.

$string = $about->{details}
$string = $about->details()
Summary about the event.
$package = $about->{package}
$package = $about->package()
Event package name.
$bool = $about->{no_display}
$bool = $about->no_display()
True if the event should be skipped by formatters.
$uuid = $about->{uuid}
$uuid = $about->uuid()
Will be set to a uuid if uuid tagging was enabled.
$uuid = $about->{eid}
$uuid = $about->eid()
A unique (for the test job) identifier for the event.

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