SSL_CTX_set_default_ctlog_list_file, SSL_CTX_set_ctlog_list_file - load a Certificate Transparency log list from a file

#include <openssl/ssl.h>
int SSL_CTX_set_default_ctlog_list_file(SSL_CTX *ctx);
int SSL_CTX_set_ctlog_list_file(SSL_CTX *ctx, const char *path);

SSL_CTX_set_default_ctlog_list_file() loads a list of Certificate Transparency (CT) logs from the default file location, "ct_log_list.cnf", found in the directory where OpenSSL is installed.

SSL_CTX_set_ctlog_list_file() loads a list of CT logs from a specific path. See CTLOG_STORE_new(3) for the file format.

These functions will not clear the existing CT log list - it will be appended to. To replace the existing list, use SSL_CTX_set0_ctlog_store(3) first.

If an error occurs whilst parsing a particular log entry in the file, that log entry will be skipped.

SSL_CTX_set_default_ctlog_list_file() and SSL_CTX_set_ctlog_list_file() return 1 if the log list is successfully loaded, and 0 if an error occurs. In the case of an error, the log list may have been partially loaded.

ssl(7), SSL_CTX_set_ct_validation_callback(3), CTLOG_STORE_new(3)

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