PKCS8_pkey_get0_attrs, PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr, PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_NID, PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_OBJ - PKCS8 attribute functions

#include <openssl/x509.h>
PKCS8_pkey_get0_attrs(const PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8);
int PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr(PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8, X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr);
int PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_NID(PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8, int nid, int type,
                                const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
int PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_OBJ(PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj,
                               int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len);

PKCS8_pkey_get0_attrs() returns a const STACK of X509_ATTRIBUTE present in the passed const PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO structure p8.

PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr() adds a constructed X509_ATTRIBUTE attr to the existing PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO structure p8.

PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_NID() and PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_OBJ() construct a new X509_ATTRIBUTE from the passed arguments and add it to the existing PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO structure p8.

PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr(), PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_NID(), and PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_OBJ() return 1 for success and 0 for failure.

STACK of X509_ATTRIBUTE is present in many X509-related structures and some of them have the corresponding set of similar functions.


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