CPANPLUS::Module::Author(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation CPANPLUS::Module::Author(3)

CPANPLUS::Module::Author - CPAN author object for CPANPLUS

my $author = CPANPLUS::Module::Author->new(
                author  => 'Jack Ashton',
                cpanid  => 'JACKASH',
                _id     => INTERNALS_OBJECT_ID,
@dists  = $author->distributions;
@mods   = $author->modules;
@accessors = CPANPLUS::Module::Author->accessors;

"CPANPLUS::Module::Author" creates objects from the information in the source files. These can then be used to query on.

These objects should only be created internally. For "fake" objects, there's the "CPANPLUS::Module::Author::Fake" class.

An objects of this class has the following accessors:

Name of the author.
The CPAN id of the author.
The email address of the author, which defaults to '' if not provided.
The "CPANPLUS::Internals::Object" that spawned this module object.

This method returns a "CPANPLUS::Module::Author" object, based on the given parameters.

Returns false on failure.

Return a list of module objects this author has released.

Returns a list of module objects representing all the distributions this author has released.

Returns a list of all accessor methods to the object

2023-07-25 perl v5.38.0