CPAN::Changes::Group(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation CPAN::Changes::Group(3)

CPAN::Changes::Group - A group of related change information within a release

my $rel = CPAN::Changes::Release->new(
    version => '0.01',
    date    => '2009-07-06',
my $grp = CPAN::Changes::Group->new(
    name => 'BugFixes',
  'Return a Foo object instead of a Bar object in foobar()'
$rel->attach_group( $grp ); # clobbers existing group if present.

A release is made up of several groups. This object provides access to all of the key data that embodies a such a group.

For instance:

0.27 2013-12-13
- Foo
[ Spec Changes ]
- Bar

Here, there are two groups, the second one, " Spec Changes " and the first with the empty label "q[]".

Creates a new group object, using %args as the default data.

    name => 'Some Group Name',
    changes    => [ ],


Returns the name of the group itself.

Gets the list of changes for this group as an arrayref of changes.

Appends a list of changes to the group.

$group->add_changes( 'Added foo() function' );

Replaces the existing list of changes with the supplied values.

Clears all changes from the group.

Returns a list of current groups in this release.


Returns whether or not the given group has changes.


Returns the group data as a string, suitable for inclusion in a Changes file.

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Brian Cassidy <>

Copyright 2011-2013 by Brian Cassidy

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