CGI::Session::ID::static(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation CGI::Session::ID::static(3)

CGI::Session::ID::static - CGI::Session ID Driver for generating static IDs

use CGI::Session;
$session = CGI::Session->new( 'driver:mysql;id:static', $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR}, { Handle => $dbh } );

CGI::Session::ID::static is used to generate consistent, static session ID's. In other words, you tell CGI::Session ID you want to use, and it will honor it.

Unlike the other ID drivers, this one requires that you provide an ID when creating the session object; if you pass it an undefined value, it will croak.

Copyright (C) 2002 Adam Jacob <>,

This library is free software. You can modify and distribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Adam Jacob <>,

For additional support and licensing see CGI::Session

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