CGI::Session::Driver::sqlite(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation CGI::Session::Driver::sqlite(3)

CGI::Session::Driver::sqlite - CGI::Session driver for SQLite

$s = CGI::Session->new("driver:sqlite", $sid, {DataSource=>'/my/folder/sessions.sqlt'});
$s = CGI::Session->new("driver:sqlite", $sid, {Handle=>$dbh});


$s = CGI::Session->new('driver:sqlite', undef,

sqlite driver stores session data in SQLite files using DBD::SQLite DBI driver. More details see CGI::Session::Driver::DBI, its parent class.

Supported driver arguments are DataSource and Handle. At most only one of these arguments can be set while creating session object.

DataSource should be in the form of "dbi:SQLite:dbname=/path/to/db.sqlt". If "dbi:SQLite:" is missing it will be prepended for you. If Handle is present it should be database handle ($dbh) returned by DBI::connect().

As of version 1.7 of this driver, the third argument is NOT optional. Using a default database in the temporary directory is a security risk since anyone on the machine can create and/or read your session data. If you understand these risks and still want the old behavior, you can set the "DataSource" option to '/tmp/sessions.sqlt'.

None known.

For support and licensing see CGI::Session

2023-07-25 perl v5.38.0