CGI::Session::Driver::db_file(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation CGI::Session::Driver::db_file(3)

CGI::Session::Driver::db_file - CGI::Session driver for BerkeleyDB using DB_File

$s = CGI::Session->new("driver:db_file", $sid);
$s = CGI::Session->new("driver:db_file", $sid, {FileName=>'/tmp/cgisessions.db'});

db_file stores session data in BerkelyDB file using DB_File - Perl module. All sessions will be stored in a single file, specified in FileName driver argument as in the above example. If FileName isn't given, defaults to /tmp/cgisess.db, or its equivalent on a non-UNIX system.

If the directory hierarchy leading to the file does not exist, will be created for you.

This module takes a UMask option which will be used if DB_File has to create the database file for you. By default the umask is 0660.

For support and licensing information see CGI::Session

2023-07-25 perl v5.38.0