App::ClusterSSH::Range(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation App::ClusterSSH::Range(3)

use App::ClusterSSH::Range;
my $range=App::ClusterSSH::Range->new();
my @list = $range->expand('range{0..5}');

Perform string expansion looking for ranges before then finishing off using "File::Glob::bsd_glob".

$range = App::ClusterSSH::Range->new();
Create a new object to perform range processing
@expanded = $range->expand(@strings);
Expand the given strings. Ranges are checked for and processed. The resulting string is then put through File::Glob::bsd_glob before being returned.

Ranges are of the form:

a{0..3} => a0 a1 a2 a3 
b{4..6,9,12..14} => b4 b5 b6 b9 b12 b13 b14
2020-06-21 perl v5.30.3