ASN1_STRING_new, ASN1_STRING_type_new, ASN1_STRING_free - ASN1_STRING allocation functions

#include <openssl/asn1.h>

ASN1_STRING * ASN1_STRING_new(void);
ASN1_STRING * ASN1_STRING_type_new(int type);
void ASN1_STRING_free(ASN1_STRING *a);

ASN1_STRING_new() returns an allocated ASN1_STRING structure. Its type is undefined.

ASN1_STRING_type_new() returns an allocated ASN1_STRING structure of type type.

ASN1_STRING_free() frees up a. If a is NULL nothing is done.

Other string types call the ASN1_STRING functions. For example ASN1_OCTET_STRING_new() calls ASN1_STRING_type(V_ASN1_OCTET_STRING).

ASN1_STRING_new() and ASN1_STRING_type_new() return a valid ASN1_STRING structure or NULL if an error occurred.

ASN1_STRING_free() does not return a value.


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