99USER.LDIF(5) File Formats Manual 99USER.LDIF(5)

/etc/dirsrv/schema/99user.ldif - LDIF file containing custom LDAP Schema for 389 Directory Server.



This file contains user defined, or custom, LDAP schema definitions (attributes and objectclasses) used by the Directory Server.

attributeTypes: VALUE
objectClasses: VALUE

dn: cn=schema
attributeTypes: ( NAME 'myNewAttribute' DESC 'Custom defined attribute type' SYNTAX SINGLE-VALUE X-ORIGIN
objectClasses: ( NAME 'myNewObjectcass' DESC 'Custom defined objectclass' SUP top MUST ( myNewAttribute ) MAY ( uid $ cn ) X-ORIGIN 'user-defined' )

99user.ldif was written by the 389 Project.

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Copyright © 2018 Red Hat, Inc.

June 26, 2018