Arch Linux manual pages — manual pages from Arch Linux packages

This website is a repository of all manual pages available in the Arch Linux packages. There are 73698 manual pages and 7990 symbolic links from 3647 packages, another 10585 packages do not contain any indexable manual pages.

Traditionally, manual pages are organized into several sections. Read the introduction pages for each section: intro(1), intro(2), intro(3), intro(4), intro(5), intro(6), intro(7), intro(8). Some packages provide their manuals in a subsection (e.g. 3ssl) and some use non-standard sections (e.g. 0 or n).

There are several ways to find a specific manual page:
  • Use the direct search form above and in the sidebar of each manual page.
  • Use the search form to search for keywords in the names and descriptions of manual pages and packages. You can also the !archman DuckDuckGo bang to search Arch manual pages.
  • Use the listing form to list all manual pages matching the specified filtering and sorting criteria.
  • Manually use the addressing scheme as explained below.

The manual pages are addressable as /man/<repo>/<pkgname>/<page>.<section>.<language>.<format>. Any part except <page> is optional:

  • <repo> and <pkgname> can be used to disambiguate the page version found in multiple packages. If omitted, manual pages are looked up in package repositories in the following order: core, extra, multilib.
  • If <section> is missing, you will be redirected to the first manual page found in sections in the following order: 1, n, l, 8, 6, 3, 0, 2, 5, 7, 4, 9.
  • The default language is en. Note that en is also the fallback language for pages, which are not available in any other language.
  • The default format is html (other supported formats are txt and raw).

Note that symbolic links, such as bunzip2(1), are implemented as HTTP redirects with the 302 status code. Symbolic links are included in per-package listings, such as core/openssl.

This is just a brief summary of the last updates to the internal database.
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This page is not an actual manual page. It was just made to look like one.

The project was initially created for the man template on the Arch wiki. The code is developed in a GitLab repository.

There are other manual page websites using different sources and providing different features. See a list on the wiki.
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